Eket HIV/AIDS and STD Awareness Project

Eket is the second largest city in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The people are at high risk of HIV because they abuse drugs and exchange sex for money, drugs and resources. Reports have it that so many have died of AIDS and many currently have AIDS. Many believe that the AIDS virus is the result of a U.S. government conspiracy targeting the African community, and many believe that recovery clinics intentionally keep clients addicted to tablets so the clinic can continue to receive federal funds. The mandate of this project is to give information on HIV and STDs to commercial sex workers and illegal drug users in Eket community, donate CDs, condoms that will help them make healthy decisions for themselves and their families and save lives. YARPTI is seeking for $11,000  for this project .Save a life today. Donate to this project

See link below for detailed proposal


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