Do you like Nigeria ? Do you want to know your rights? Have you ever read the Nigerian constitution? Maybe you have not.  So many young Nigerians have not read the Nigerian constitution . So many don’t know their left and their right with regards to the laws of Nigeria.  The  pocket constitution is for you. It contains laws of Nigeria.

Youths for Human Rights Protection and Transparency Initiative seeks to give out  freely  a total of 20,000 pocket  constitution of Nigeria as first phase of  our constitution in your pocket project  to young persons in Nigerian  schools .  Have you ever really read the Nigerian constitution ? You just might be amazed at what they say. This 48 page pocket book 3×6″ easily fits in your pocket. Great for taking on a plane or just spending a few moments while waiting on a line.

We are seeking for $10,000 ( N2,000,000) as printing cost for this materials . With this initiative  many  young person’s in Nigeria will get to know the laws of the country .

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