The people of Egbuoma community in the Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State have been thrown into mourning and devastation. Their 29 year old son, Friday Nduka, who returned home from Malaysia for his wedding on December 27, was shot dead before his fiancée and in law by an alleged trigger Happy police Inspector, Mike Edem, who is now at large. CHIDIEBUBE OKEOMA In Owerri reports .

For the people of Egbuoma community in the Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, especially, the Nduka family, it is a black Christmas. It is a Christmas they wished never came. Call it a traumatic, devastating, horrifying, mourning, agonizing and tearful Christmas for them you are not far from the truth. The light of the family cum the community seems to had been put of.

Friday Nduka, a 29 year old Nigerian based in Indonesia boarded flight to the country for his marriage rites and ceremony, little did he know that the marriage will not be. The enthusiasm and happiness he returned home with in view of his wedding on December 27, and opening of his new house on January 2,were cut short by a reckless police officer, who reportedly wasted no time in putting his finger on the trigger which ended a promising life instantly.

According to reports, Nduka, came to a Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Mega Station located at the control post Junction in Owerri, the capital of Imo State on December 22, in company of his wife to be and in law to buy petroleum. He later got into serious argument with one of the pump attendants over his missing iPhone 7.the report stated that the argument degenerated into a fight and Nduka, inflicted injuries on the attendant.

It took his fiancée and the manager of the station, Mrs Ruth Enemmuo, who is now cooling her heels in the homicide section of the state police command headquarters in Owerri to pacify Nduka, to let go the missing iPhone.

An eyewitness said that immediately Nduka, entered into his car and zoomed off, a police Inspector, who was on duty at the petroleum station, emerged from nowhere, fired at him, killing him instantly .

Knowing that he had killed somebody, inspector Edem, allegedly started shooting repeatedly into the air to scare people and fled the area and is yet to return since then. He was said to had went to the police squadron at Nekede in the Owerri West Local Government Area of the state, dropped his killer rifle , having already parked his cloths from his house and disappeared.

The manager of the station, Mrs. Enemmuo, who later went to the police station to report the killing, was detained. She was later released and rearrested on December 24, and has remained in detaintion as of the time of filing this report .

But an Owerri based human rights lawyer who is counsel to the detained manager, Kissinger Ikeokwu, said that there was absolutely no reason for the Nigeria Police to continue to hold his client in detention .

He said that after visiting the woman and hearing from her , he was more than convinced that the Police were just detaining her to just show the deceased family that they were doing something, even though what they were doing amounts to nothing at the end of the day.

He said “The truth of the matter is that there was an altercation. The Malaysian returnee had a brawl with a fuel attendant which led to bleeding in the mouth of the attendant. But the manager intervened and the matter was settled..he was in company of his heartthrob and they were billed to wed on December 27, . Though he was violent and continued to make trouble over his purported lost phone, his heartthrob came and urged him to forget and matters seemed settled “.

” The man was driving out when the Policeman shot him in his car in motion and the bullet pierced from the back screen, and ended up blowing his head. The Policeman left to his house, parked his things and dropped his gun at Nekede Police Squadron Unit and disappeared”.

“the manager ran to New Owerri Police Division and reported the matter. Imo Police command Homicide Section invited her and she came willingly. She was granted bail and later detained again till date. The Police detained the second Police Officer on duty and has released him”.

“the question is, why holding the Station Manager since Thursday the event took place? The manager said when queried the Officer; why did you shoot? Why? And he said that the deceased was violent”.

“Now are the Police now saying this woman would produce their own fleeing officer? Or are they investigating her for Murder… Manslaughter committed by their own officer? “.

Ikeokwu, urged the police to be professional by releasing his client, else they would head to court to seek justice.

A writer cum social commentator, Cheta Igbokwe, Said” Nduka was killed at NNPC Fuel Station, Control Post Owerri, Imo State. He was not attacked by robbers. He was not bombed by Boko Haram. He was not lynched by any angry mob. No! Sadly, he was killed by a certain Mike Edem, a police inspector, who shot him after a little misunderstanding with a Staff, killed him and ran away . he was killed by someone who was meant to protect him, a police officer, our acclaimed ‘friends.’ This is a sad story”.

He accused police officers of creating more troubles for the citizens rather than protecting their lives and properties. The writer said that a lot of people have lost their lives through the careless handling of guns by some careless and blood thirty officers. Igbokwe averred that the story of Nduka, was not even a result of an officer’s carelessness, it was borne out of a certain pride that came “upon these men when they are handling guns (even the ones without bullets). They would point the gun at you, threatening to shoot you when you try to engage in an argument” .

“You may be wondering how this high rate of indiscipline has continued to thrive in the police force. The truth is that most of the high ranking police officers are benefiting from the monies their junior staff collect from citizens forcefully. They have even gone to the extent of creating more road blocks, making sure they continue to push their ministry higher”.

He said that one Femi Adekunle was robbed in his house, he called the police two hours before the robbers got hold of him, the Police promised to be on top of the situation, only to come back after six hours to take pictures of the damages and that was all

“These officers are very quick in finding out how the citizens have faulted, they do not care to know your own view, and they opine that when they speak the case is closed. That is why someone like Mike Edem could pull the trigger on Nduka and take to his heels “.

He therefore pleaded with the police authority to make sure that the fleeing Inspector is apprehended and justice done immediately.

But in a swift response, the commissioner of police in the state, Taiwo Lakanu, has declared the fleeing Inspector wanted.

Lakanu, who spoke through the command’s public Relations Officer, DSP Andrew Enwerem , said that the manhunt to apprehend the fleeing Inspector had begun immediately .

He said that the inspector general of police, Ibrahim Idris, had mandated the state Commissioner of Police to make sure that the trigger-happy policeman was nabbed quickly.

The CP vowed that the command would Implore all means legally possible to make sure that the “killer inspector” was arrested and tried immediately.

According to Lakanu, Edem, can run but cannot hide, because all the machineries of the command had been set in motion to ensure his arrest.

He stated that bearing arm was not a license to waste Innocent lives, insisting that nobody would go free for unjustly killing people, including the on the run inspector.

Lakanu, said that the essence of the manhunt for Edem, was to make sure that he is prosecuted immediately in accordance with the laws of the land.
According to him, he had met with the family of the deceased wherein he commiserated with them and assured that justice would be dispensed on the matter as quickly as possible.


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