Donate Monthly Groceries for Poor Old Age Persons


This micro project provides monthly groceries support to Five Poor Elderly Persons for a year, who are neglected by sons & daughters. YARPTI  is sponsoring monthly food provisions to 20 such destitute elders age group between 60 to 90 years to reduce starvation among them. These Older people are able to cook themselves with this provisions and having food every day. Some times due to ill-health if their health not permits neighbors cook food and feed these older persons.



The elderly women are not having any work and also their age / health not permits to work in the agricultural fields. The Older Persons from Rumuagholu  Port Harcourt Nigeria have been identified by YARPTI  as part of regular field activities. The elderly women do not have timely food from their families. Some of elderly persons do not have children too. By seeing this critical juncture we provide monthly food groceries to 20 elderly persons.


This micro project provides monthly groceries to five elderly persons for a year, who are neglected by their sons & daughters. The monthly groceries we provide are Rice,Beans, Hair Oil, Cooking Oil, Biscuits, Bathing Soaps, Detergent Soaps, Species, Onions, Vegetables, etc. With this monthly groceries destitute elderly women are having food regularly by cooking themselves with out depending on some one. They are living with dignity and self confidence. Their health levels have been increased.

Long-Term Impact

20 destitute elderly people are getting benefits from this ongoing program. The senior citizens are able to eat stomach fully in time without begging on the roads. So we have taken up this initiative & motivating public about service to humanity & the program is having very good impact in other parts of Nigeria. Poor elderly persons health have been increased & they are living with dignity & not depending on others for food, daily needs. They are able to give moral support to other older persons

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