YARPTI efforts aim to manage, mitigate, resolve, and transform central aspects of conflict in Nigeria through official diplomacy, civil society peace processes, and informal dialogues, negotiations, and mediations. We seek to  addresses root causes of violence and fosters reconciliation to prevent the return of instability and violence. We  seek to change beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors and to transform dynamics between individuals and groups toward a more stable, peaceful coexistence. We also help to create structures and institutions that provide platforms for the nonviolent resolution of conflict and stabilize fractured societies


  • Organize sensitization meetings, group discussions and workshops on Strategic non-violence, conflict prevention and alternative dispute resolution processes
  • Build the capacities of youths and women groups in preventive peace building and conflict resolution in their respective communities
  • Strengthen the capacities of media practitioners and journalists in preventive peace building and development cooperation
  • Prioritize early warning and early response mechanisms for humanitarian and political crises
  • Negotiate for peace among warring factions

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