“When I first met Chijioke Emenalo deep in Akabo in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State, the boy explained that he didn’t attend school because “I don’t have money to pay my school fees”.

The boy’s words deeply affected me and I resolved to help. I called on the generosity of friends in the company where I work. And they responded – their generosity, through donations helped to raise the necessary funds to help Chijioke to attend school.

This vital support unlocked Chijioke’s natural potential. Over the years that followed, he passed exam after exam with distinction, eventually getting accepted into the University of Port Harcourt where he is presently studying Medicine. When he graduates as a doctor, he will progress further to save hundreds of lives in his country Nigeria.

This simple story illustrates how a life can be transformed with education. But there are many, many more people like Chijioke in Nigeria …

-Kenneth Uwadi)

With the following Initiative , YARPTI seeks to help  children in Nigeria


◾Providing tuition/fees and scholastic materials (pens, exercise books, math sets, school uniforms) to   children   yearly mainly in primary and secondary schools. Our desire is that school age children, go to school and complete their education.


◾Under the  Build a Classroom Program  YARPTI seeks  to build and equip classrooms in schools in Nigerian rural communities. Our aim is to create a higher standard of early child education in rural areas of Nigeria. We know that children raised in squalor, whose teachers are ill-motivated and who are constrained by circumstances not to venture to dream big, can never compete with those raised properly in well-equipped and adequately staffed schools. Education plays a significant role in releasing a child from poverty. An educated child is equipped with the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease. And school offers a safe, supportive environment for children to learn life skills and make friends.



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