We campaign for economic, social and cultural rights .

Many of the issues around poverty are known as “economic, social and cultural” (ESC) rights. They include:
• Rights at work, such as fair conditions of employment.
• Right to education, including free and compulsory primary education.
• Cultural rights of minorities and Indigenous Peoples.
• Right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, such as access to quality health services.
• Right to adequate housing, including protection from forced eviction.
• Right to food, including being able to obtain nutritious food.
• Right to water, including affordable clean water.
• Right to sanitation, including access to a safe toilet.

We are committed to  supporting  and protecting  people who speak out – for themselves and for others. We work with journalists, community workers and teachers, trade unionists, people promoting reproductive rights and indigenous people standing up for their land rights




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