We Influence policy formation by government. We agitate for jobs for young people. We recommend that the Government of Nigeria examine how more weight could be given to children and young people  in government decision-making processes. We are against  the lack of available data on budgetary allocations for children and we recommend the collection of disaggregated data on budget allocations for children and the systematic assessment of the impact of economic policy on children. We are against looting of public funds.

Our weekly free bulletin (Million Voice)pressurizes government on policies. Our goal is a  Nigeria in which young people are  living happy and prosperous lives, participating in governance; the government is safeguarding the rights and welfare of the people; and non-state actors are providing space for citizens to demand accountability. We speak on employment protection of children, age of criminal responsibility, Safety and freedom from violence, adequate standard of living, health, education, mental health service, Immigration act, early childhood education, revised curriculum, bullying, school cult, participation right etc

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