Protect, establish, engage and empower


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Youths for Human Rights Protection and Transparency Initiative (YARPTI)  is a youth-driven, youth-led, and youth-imagined  Nigerian NGO that advocates for young people and their rights. The organisation works with young people between 8 and 25 on issues including health, education, human rights, environment, empowerment and  compassion . The guiding believe is that helping the deprived youth of Nigeria to conserve and develop their physical and mental strength through education, entrepreneurial training and improved living conditions is the right way to ensure their viability to society and fight poverty.

Protect, establish, engage and empower is more than a motto for us – we understand these words as not only an oath but also a commitment. YARPTI gives young people the platform to pursue a better future together. We strive to not only give youth a voice but also provide them with the tools to succeed in a world where the odds are stacked against them

Half of Nigeria’s population is under the age of 25. The need  for youth leadership is more pressing than ever before. There are more young people in Nigeria now. We catalyze the unbounded energy that young people already have towards a shared collective goal and collective impact.

OUR WAY INTO THE FUTURE enables seven integrated strategic priorities that build the capacity of youths and communities through:

Compassionate Presence: We walk in solidarity with  young people.

Community Empowerment: We empower young people .Through skills programmes unemployed youths and school dropouts are able to become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs

Education:To empower all young people for a better future, our education unit works to achieve three objectives:

1) every child must have access to school,

2) all young people must stay in school and

3) all young people must have successful learning outcomes

Human Rights/Advocacy: We are active in advocating for human rights and the environment

Health Care We offer health education, nutritional advice and donation of drugs

Child Abuse : we envision a world in which all children are protected from abuse including  sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Environment : we hope for more socially and environmentally sustainable societies


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